We are thrilled to announce that a Kaiut Yoga Studio is in the works for Dallas. In the meantime, Christina Siepiela will be teaching private classes and there will be workshops with Francisco at least twice a year.

For information on private classes with Christina or to book, please contact her at mcsiepiela@gmail.com or (972) 746 5991.

To hear about Dallas workshops with Francisco as soon as they are announced, please sign up for our distribution list. CLICK HERE.

Christina Siepiela

Christina Siepiela discovered Kaiut Yoga in 2001. Living a hectic lifestyle as a Family Law Attorney and a College Professor in Curitiba, Brazil, Christina developed a sciatic nerve pain that became so severe it affected her day to day mobility as well her sleep. She heard that Kaiut Yoga could help and she started practicing with Francisco weekly. And help it did.

In 2004, Christina moved to the United States and there she continued her yoga practice, but with Kaiut Yoga not available locally she was practicing hot and power yoga; even taking teacher training in another method. After a few years, personal reflection revealed a need for something deeper and more meaningful. She reconnected with Francisco in 2016 and is now working towards her Kaiut Yoga teacher certification under the Intensive Teacher Training program in Toronto, Canada with completion in September 2018.

Christina believes her hiatus from Kaiut Yoga between 2004 and 2016 was a gift that revealed to her the unique benefits of Kaiut Yoga and the privilege of becoming a Kaiut Yoga Teacher. For Christina, the potential available to all of us from a consistent Kaiut Yoga practice is profound.