We offer a variety of teacher training models in order to best meet the interest and needs of as many Kaiut Yoga students around the world as possible, who wish to become certified teachers. Please reach out to Heidi Philip at heidi@kaiutyogainternational.com or +1 416 558 1378 should you have any questions or wish to discuss. 

We are often asked if a Kaiut Yoga teacher trainee can teach before receiving certification. This is a delicate question to answer. As our desire is for this work to help as many people around the world as possible, we do not wish to limit access to Kaiut Yoga classes. Nor do we wish to restrict anyone’s growing connection with and passion for the work. And, teaching experience plays a significant role in a teacher’s education. With all that said however, we do wish to protect the quality of classes in order to achieve the best possible results for students of Kaiut Yoga. Thus it is Francisco’s desire that teacher trainees teach on only a limited basis prior to full certification.

With all that said, our teacher training programs are open to teachers and non-teachers alike. We welcome attendees who simply want to deepen their understanding of this method for their own personal practice. 


curitiba brazil

In Curitiba Brazil, new teacher trainees come together for a live training session monthly for 12 consecutive months (ETT: Level One). This model is only possible in Curitiba given it is Francisco’s home base. A new two year Masters program (MTT: Level One) will be starting later this year. For more information on Teacher Training in Brazil, For more information on Teacher Training in Brazil, please visit www.kaiutyoga.com.br or send an email to: contato@kaiutyoga.com.br.

boulder usa

With the history of Kaiut Yoga in Boulder, Colorado there is a strong Kaiut Yoga following in the area and as such we have been able to develop an Extensive Teacher Training (ETT: Level One) model that mirrors the Brazilian training as closely as possible.  In this model, trainees meet almost monthly over the course of one year. Francisco will be present in Boulder for five of the training sessions and leading the training virtually through live video conference for the remaining four sessions. Local teacher trainees are required to be present for all the training sessions to fully benefit from the immersive nature of this model. Information cements itself differently. For information on the next Teacher Training in Boulder, click here.

toronto canada

With interest in teaching Kaiut growing globally, an Intensive Teacher Training (ITT: Level One) session is held in Toronto at minimum every 6 months. The minimum requirement for certification as a Kaiut Yoga teacher is attendance at 3 consecutive Intensive Training sessions (100 hours per session) in order to have exposure to the full class plans 1-100.   As this model involves less in-class time, it relies heavily on personal practice and homework in between the sessions for full transmission of the knowledge. This model is designed for interested parties who do not live in or near Curitiba or Boulder. September 2017 will cover class plans 1-30 and thus represents a rare opportunity to begin training from the beginning, understanding the classes in their natural progression.  For information on the next Teacher Training in Toronto, click here.